Thursday, September 5, 2013

Derma Rolling Reviews Say it’s a New Hope for Smoother Skin

A revolutionary solution to many skin problems, Derma Rolling is available for home use as well as through a doctor’s office. Its users are already advocating it to be the new hope for a smoother skin. Giving you a glimpse into its reality, here’s what we have for you.
In the past five years, from the first time derma rolling was introduced on a commercial level, the popularity of the beauty procedure has been fast catching the eyes of the world. From celebrities like Angelina Jolie to ordinary beauty conscious men and women, we all want to know the truth behind the effectiveness of Derma Rollers.
Most derma roller reviews be it the internet, or the one’s published in various fashion and lifestyle magazines reveal that derma rollers are indeed beneficial, but one must know how to properly use them. 

Basics of Derma rolling

To begin with derma rollers are handheld devices with hundreds of micro needles mounted on its head. When the device is rolled over the skin, micro-needles puncture through the layers of the skin creating microscopic perforations. Immediately after this, one is advised for apply creams, serums, and medications. Since the pores of the skin are open immediately after derma rolling, it allows better absorption of these skin care products. 

Derma rolling for smoother and younger looking skin

Dermarolling reviews reveal that most women are using this procedure for fighting the signs of aging. This is because as we age the dead skin cells accumulate over the skin and block the penetration of nourishing creams and lotions into the deeper layers because of which the aging process sets in.

This in turn makes the skin look dull and under nourished. Besides, external agents such as the harmful rays of the sun, pollution, changing hormonal composition and other factors also contribute to the skin losing its young looks.

Derma rolling tricks the brain to think there has been some injury in the skin that has caused the pores to open, and so it accelerates the production of collagen in the skin. Collagen and elastin being the two agents that help in keeping the skin looking younger become more active and hence contribute in keeping the skin smoother, softer, and younger looking.

Of course, it is not going to return the baby skin you once had, but the result will be more effective when compared with solely using anti-aging creams and serums.

Derma rolling at home or through a doctor
The first line of this blog mentions that derma rolling can be done at home or through a doctor. But, how to decide, which option is best for you?
The answer to this question lies in the size of the derma rolling needles. Reading derma roller reviews on the internet also reveals how men and women have had problems from using derma rollers because they were not clear.
For home use, a needle size of 0.25 millimeters is sufficient. It improves the blood flow and contributes in daily skin rejuvenation. Aestheticians use needles of 1.00 and 1.25 millimeter for treating wrinkles, fine lines and for tightening and smoothening the skin. Lastly, if doctors use derma rollers, they use needled of anywhere up to 3 millimeter for treating severe scarring.  
If anyone ordinarily tries to use a needle of 3.00 millimeter at home, it may cause bleeding of the pores and reddening of the area where the roller has been used. To avoid any mistakes it is advisable to let a doctor handle the grave skin problems for you. is exclusive authorized distributor of Dr. Roller | Our products are 100% genuine MTS Derma Rollers.