Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Treating Acne Scars – The New Way

Acne scars are really disheartening; many people with scars suffer from low self esteem. There are a few tried and tested procedures like, chemical pealing and resurfacing, which can help with scars, but of late derma roller has evolved as a cost effective and successful treatment for acnescars. 
Derma roller is basically a medical micro-needling device that can stimulate collagen production most naturally. It can thus be used to treat various skin conditions like acne scars, aging and stretch marks among others.

Derma roller works by puncturing the skin with micro medical needles. The perforations made cause the body to create tissues which will fill the scars. Since body does all the healing itself, derma roller all the more effective device for reducing scars on the skin. With the power of treating the skin naturally, derma roller has no side effects. The treatment can be slightly painful so it is done under topical anesthesia.

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