Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Quick Winter Skincare Tips, From Head to Toe

With the winters setting in, these handy winter skin care tips are certainly going to help you tide over the cold with perfect comfort and ease. Don’t neglect your skin, you may not even know how much harm can winters inflict it with.

Handle with Care: To avoid chapped, parched hands opt for wipe-offs, alcohol free hand sanitizers and soap free cleansers.

Glove it Up: Make sure you slip on some soft cotton gloves over lotion to help your hands retain moisture.

Apply Honey: Get rid of the irksome dry patches by applying the rich hydrating scrub of honey with sugar.
Milk It: If your skin feels and looks scaly, try applying a rich lactic acid lotion.

Layer Up: Layer your body with bath oil or a moisturizing body cleanser, followed by a generous application of a rich hydrating lotion.
Exfoliate Lightly: To bring about better absorption of your moisturizer and to brighten your skin, pick up a super-gentle scrub and exfoliate lightly.

Treat Your Feet at Night: Rub off the calluses from the feet with a pumice stone or a hydrating scrub followed by a generous application of a rich, buttery moisturizer especially at the night time.
Keep Your Showers Short: A hot shower is sure to strip off moisture from your skin. Therefore keep your hot showers shot during winters.

Always make an extra effort to moisturize your skin regularly, depending on the skin type. 

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