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What is Derma Rolling?

Derma Rolling is a cosmetic anti-aging procedure that uses a medical device to create punctures in the skin to allow better absorption of derma serum and other cosmetic products used on the skin. The procedure opens the pores of the skin to allow the cosmetics to go deeper into several layers of the skin. 

As we grow older, our skin pores get clogged and as a result, despite using all the prescribed products for anti-aging, we see no difference. The reason is that these cosmetic products remain on the outer surface of the skin, and don’t get a chance to act on the cells of the deeper layers of the skin, and so the underfed skin is unable to fight the signs of aging. 
Women the world over use derma rolling as an antidote to wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation and other skin problems that erupt with age. The use of a derma roller encourages the production of collagen, which is the main substance in the skin that provides integrity, firmness and elasticity to the skin, keeping it younger for longer. 

While this was only a glimpse into what derma rolling is all about, if you wish to know more then you can read my recent post about "How to Use Derma Roller".

What is a Derma Roller?

A Derma Roller is a medical device that features heavy duty plastic roller head covered in high quality titanium/steel/plastic needles. These needles are designed to penetrate the stratum corneum, conium, which is the hard outer surface of the epidermal layer of the skin, body as well as scalp. The needles create hundreds of tiny channels in the stratum to open the pores of the deeper layers of the skin. Once these pores open, the application of all your skin care products will be more effective. Your skin will be able to cure wrinkles, pigmentation and other skin conditions arising with age. 

If used on the scalp, it helps better absorption of minoxidil for faster hair restoration in the dermis. The roller essentially exfoliates the skin and helps in controlling malnutrition of skin cells, pigmentation and premature aging.
As already stated above, the roller movement stimulates the flow of blood, and encourages collagen re-growth to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin, and thus helps you maintain supple and youthful skin.
Different Derma Rollers available in the market.

Dr Roller
This is a skin roller with 192 gamma sterilized surgical steel micro needles that gently open the pores of your skin. Since, the product like all rolling products has to boost the production of collagen; it comes with a vitamin rich cream, with vitamin C, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, primrose oil and other ingredients that assist in the production of collagen.

MTS Roller
MTS Rollers are available in several models with the over 1000 titanium needles that effectively penetrate through the epidermal layer of the skin to open the deeper pores. For different parts of the body, different types of MTS Roller are available, like we have the MTS Body Roller, the Micro-needle Skin Nurse Roller, etc.

ZGTS Roller
The ZGTS Roller is another popular Derma Roller brand. Again like the MTS Roller, it comes in different models for different uses. For example, we have the ZGTS starter roller kit, and several models of the ZGTS titanium needle rollers. 

Hope this article would give you a fair idea about what is derma rolling. If you want to get more detailed knowledge then you can also read Definition and Q/A about Derma Rolling.



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