Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Choose the Best Eyelash Enhancer

Beautiful eyelashes don’t come naturally to every person, as does a gorgeous face. The reasons are vast and innumerable. To address the problem of thin and slightly ugly eyelashes, people resort to a multitude of solutions including eyelash enhancers. While some of them help and others merely cause irritation or worse, darken the skin around the eyelid. Here is a short guide that will serve as a torchbearer for a reader who wishes to buy the best eyelash enhancer out there. 
Thicker, longer, fuller and tender eyelashes can augment the beauty of a person by a great margin. For various reasons (while some are genetic, others remain a mystery), not everyone owns a pair of voluminous eyelashes. There’s no dearth of eyelash enhancers in the market and each one of them claims to work on a unique formula. But, only a select few can actually deliver results. Here’s a short guide on how to choose the best eyelash enhancer:
1.    An eyelash enhancer shouldn’t only enhance length of a person’s eyelashes but also make them stronger. To put it more clearly - an eyelash enhancer’s job is to reduce lash breakage – the primary reason for thinning of eyelashes in bulk of the population. An eyelash enhancing serum should make use of growth boosting vitamins. Read more the label or check the product website to find out if there’re any!
2.    While making a purchase for eyelashes, one should make it certain that ingredients used in the preparation of eyelash enhancing serums and gels are of the superior quality. However, the list of ingredients used in a compound varies from manufacturer to manufacturer; one just has to ensure, that the ingredients existing in the solution don’t pose any kind of allergy to eyes. The way out? Well, choose a product that has been manufactured by a reputed company.  
3.    Approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), dermatologists and ophthalmologists surely assist a person in choosing a product that won’t have adverse effects on eyes and even eyelashes for that matter. Safety should be no. 1 in the priority list of a woman wanting to grow beautiful eyelashes. Some eyelash enhancers result in injuries on the skin of eye and lead to appearance of ugly scars later.
4.    Those in habit of wearing contact lenses and regular make-up must look out for products that are specially designed for sensitive eyes. Even physicians recommend such people to go for products that don’t pose a threat to their eyes in the long run. There have been numerous incidents on record where a person lost his eyesight after using some sub-standard products; you’ve been warned.

5.   Apart from the regular points of watchfulness that need to be considered while choosing an eyelash enhancer, one should also search for product reviews, customer ratings and other kinds of feedbacks online. It really helps a person in developing an outlook of the product in his mind before venturing out to purchase it.
6.    Product cost is also imperative in shaping up one’s decision but it should be the last criterion on the list as buying something cheap for eyes is analogous to flirting witdanger.
One shouldn’t forget that there are numerous cases of eyelash enhancers from many cosmetic companies turn out to be over-hyped. Make sure you either consult an expert beautician (not the lady in your town who runs a salon) or buy a safe and effective eyelash enhancer from a trusted seller of such beauty products on the internet.  

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