Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keep Nasty Wrinkles and Scars at Bay, Use Derma Rollers

It’s now after a long time that people are getting to know about derma rollers, tiny needling devices that were otherwise in use for hundreds of years. These needling devices promote quick production of collagen and elastin in human skin in a natural way. Read on to find out how derma rollers can help you stay clear of nasty wrinkles and scars. 

Very few women are aware of the fact that few home derma rolling sessions can turn out to be just as useful as an expensive laser treatment. Derma rolling can also match the benefits you can possibly accrue through dermabrasion. Compared to several other treatments and medications that are known to help you fight off scars and wrinkles, Derma rolling is much less abrasive. 
Derma Roller Basics You Should Know About
A small hand held needling device, derma roller comprises of as many as 192 (or more) sterilized steel needles. These needles are all ‘Gamma Sterilized’ and the steel used is of medical grade. While the length of these needles is approximately 1mm, their diameter can vary. If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to go with the smallest possible diameter (about 0.5mm), especially if it’s you and not a specialist who’s going to use the rollers. Derma rollers are designed according to the condition they treat. If want something for winkles and scars, make sure you chose an authentic brand for high end derma rollers.  
Derma Rolling Action
As you roll this handheld needling device on the target skin area, pores on the outer layer of your skin are forced open for about an hour. Due to the pricking action, you’d almost certainly feel a tickling sensation. The outer dermal skin is picked just on the surface and the needles are designed in a manner to ensure no blood is drawn to the surface. The body reacts to these tiny punctures by stimulating quick production of collagen and elastin. As the skin begins to grow new tissues over a week or two (after regular derma rolling), wrinkles and scars begin to disappear. The old, diseased skin rejuvenates very quickly especially if you supply the right nutrients to the target area post derma rolling sessions.
Possible Application Areas – Where can you Use a Derma Roller
Your eyelids and lips are the only areas where a derma roller cannot be used. Wrinkles and scars on face, neck, thighs, abdomen or scalp can be dealt with to an effective degree by using derma rollers.   
Time – Noticeable Results in About 7 Days in Most Cases
If you’re doing it right, you should be able to notice results in as little as one week! But, the outcome is also a function of the kind of skin condition you’re suffering from. While some people can achieve extraordinary results due to quick skin rejuvenation, others may find it hard to do the same over a short time frame. In any case, dermarolling is going to benefit provided you religiously follow the standard guidelines, eat right and exercise regularly. 

Safety – Handheld Needling Devices are Safe
It’s not a modern day invention. On a fundamental level, derma rollers are derivatives of ancient acupuncture techniques that were relied upon for skin treatments in many parts of the world. Today, it’s possible to eve find FDA approved handheld derma rollers for home use that have been tested for safety and effectiveness. The skin tissues rejuvenate themselves every month; derma rollers just speed up that process.

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