Monday, September 23, 2013

Derma Roller vs. Other Facial Treatments

All of us keep experimenting with all type of skin-care treatments in order to look young, beautiful and charming. Out of the countless skin care techniques and tools, derma rolling is the one that suits almost all types of skin. Also, this tool has negligible side effects, if any.

Derma Roller vs. Other Facial Treatments
Compared to other facial and skin-care treatments, most of which are highly invasive like laser skin procedures, dermarolling is safer. Micro needling with Dr Roller boosts the formation of new tissue, without damaging your skin.

Most other facial treatments cause side effects, mild or severe, including hyper-pigmentation. But, the technique of dermarolling eliminates chances for hyper-pigmentation and other side effects. Tiny and gentle pin pricks cause no pain or irritation, and your skin easily goes into the healing mode in case there are little surface injuries.

Though most facial skin treatments claim to give instant results, they damage your skin in the long run. Opposite to that, your skin takes its time (which is over a month normally) to renew itself after a thorough derma roller treatment. Your skin is given sufficient gap between treatments so it can heal and recover completely. This ensures natural and long lasting results.

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