Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Choose a Right Derma Roller for Yourself

The success of the derma rolling treatment you get depends a lot upon the quality of the derma roller. This amazing tool has the responsibility of promoting collagen level in the skin and this is why it is important to buy you the right one. 

You should select derma rollers according to needle length, depending upon which skin area needs to be treated and the intensity of the skin condition you want to get rid of. 

Derma Rollers for Different Areas:-

Derma roller 0.25 mm 
Derma roller 0.25 mm comes in two forms - The 8-line model and the 3-line model. The 8-line model containing 192 needles is the best for treating all larger body areas, whereas, the 3-line model with 72 needles is for areas like nose and eyes.

Dr Roller 0.25 mm roller gives a pain free treatment and there are no side effects. Without doing any damage to the skin, the procedure carried out with this tool stimulates physiological responses, such as increased production of collagen and elastin. 

Derma roller 0.5 mm  

The roller with 0.5 mm needles also comes in two models. The first is the 8-line model with 192 needles and the second one is the 3-line model consisting of 72 needles in 3 rows Derma roller 0.5 mm is best suited for hard-to-reach body areas. It helps you treat all type of aging signs and skin conditions including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and more.

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