Saturday, September 28, 2013

Home Remedies to Rejuvenate Skin

With time, the skin loses both its lucidity and elasticity. The skin appears dull with age as nasty wrinkles and skin discoloration sneak in. Listed below are some quick home remedies for skin rejuvenation: 

Avocado-Honey – It’s a perfect natural moisturizer and fights off anti-aging signs. It will fill up the edgy space created by wrinkles, thereby giving an impression that your skin is smoother. 

Salad that helps Fight Wrinkles – A perfect breakfast rich in antioxidants, it has kiwi, strawberries, orange juice, pomegranate and walnuts in it. Mix all of these in equal proportion a tiny cup and eat it every morning. The salad will prevent sun damage and also keep your skin healthy. 

Brewer’s yeast with lemon juice – Apply this paste on your skin on acne (or blemishes) on your skin on a daily basis. Leave it for about 8-12 minutes. While yeast will kill the harmful bacteria, lemon juice will dry up the acne spot!

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