Thursday, September 26, 2013

Facial Yoga Might Help You Get that Youthful Glow Again

Few years ago, a number of facial exercises (Facial YOGA was the trendy name people gave it) popped up in fitness & beauty circles, and promised to help women overcome wrinkles and get back that swanky look they had in early 20s!

Okay, these facial exercises can actually increase skin tissue elasticity if done on a daily basis. Plus, as you make faces in front of the mirror and pull your skin in different directions as you probably did in kindergarten to irritate someone, you sure as hell would feel young again! Jokes apart, some women including big facial yoga celebrity fans like Jennifer Aniston have reportedly benefited from facial yoga. 

How does it really work? Well, there’re no clinical studies to back any argument that may possibly attempt to answer that question. For example, the skin becomes less saggy or your brain has enough oxygen supply. But, as long as these fun exercises do actually work, why should you spend your precious time digging out for more information?

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