Thursday, September 26, 2013

Protects skin Epidermis with Derma Rolling

Whatever skin treatment we choose, it requires careful consideration. The new paradigms that have emerged also raise the question of how far cans the skin be injured to rejuvenate it.Amongst the numerous skin rejuvenation procedures, including laser resurfacing and other, derma rolling stands out as the winner that not only treats the skin effectively, but also protects the skin epidermis.

How does derma rolling protect the skin epidermis? 

People often mistake needling for a skin injuring procedure, when it is only opening the skin pores. When the micro-needles of a derma roller puncture the skin, the needles do not penetrate beyond the epidermis. 

They puncture the skin and not injure it. It’s only the brain, which is tricked to think that the skin has been punctured, and induces the production of collagen and elastin. These in turn make the skin healthier, and also contribute in improving the health of the skin epidermis.

Application of serums immediately after derma rolling is also helpful. Dr. Roller, one of the most reputed brands of derma rollers, is now offering six packs of six different serums you can use post rolling. Do check them out.

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