Saturday, November 2, 2013

Joanna Schlip: The Make-up Artist of the Week

We have to agree all women like to use make-up and are always willing to take advice from experts. So, here are some useful tips from the make-up artist of the week, Joanna Schlip:
How to cover up under eye circles?
Keeping tea bags over the eye is a great remedy. Sometimes waking up after late night parties you notice the inner wet line of the eye turned red, simply apply navy eyeliner to brighten your eye in such cases.
For dark circles it is important that you start with color correction first. Use yellow concealer for dark undertone and a green concealer to cover the redness around the eye. Then cover the yellow or green with a concealer that is two times lighter than your shade.

The under eye concealer sometimes cake, what can be done to prevent it?
Applying primers greatly helps in making the skin surface smooth. Primers create an even platform and should be applied before the concealer.
What are the common eye makeup mistakes that women make?
According to many women evening means darker, therefore they overdo color that gives them a mature look. They should avoid overdoing makeup. Also women should experiment with various other colors besides black eye liner. Example purple and brown are great colors that actually accentuate the eye.

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