Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jennifer Lopez Reveals How She Fought Off the Body Critics Early in Her Career

J.Lo is perhaps amongst the most seasoned and celebrated celebs in Hollywood. Besides her mind-blowing singing and acting skills, she is all famous for her curvaceous and desirable figure. But during a very recent interview, the pop star revealed that at the initial start of her career, not everyone appreciated her killer body curves. She boldly spoke about how she openly stood for herself against all critics.

All throughout her childhood, J.Lo has been a pampered child and was adored by her family for her looks. But when she started her career on television, she experienced many people including her own manager; coming up to her and advising her to work more on her body.
Really, there is none of us born to perfection, if we yearn to have a great body we must get ready to put in hard efforts. There are so many stars like J. Lo, if you see their before and after picture you’ll be left surprised by what they’ve achieved.

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