Thursday, October 10, 2013

Switching to Natural Skincare Solutions: What You Should Know

It has been proven that our skin sucks up to 60 percent of what we put on it. So, the beauty products we use are absorbed by the skin and over time their synthetic ingredients can damage the skin beyond repair.

Considering the negative effects of synthetic beauty products, people are now looking for natural ways to add that glow to the skin.

The only problem that consumer face at present is that almost all products are available with a natural label. This isn’t making it easier for consumers to make choices for healthier skincare. The problem has grown because there is no regular check on what products can be described or labeled natural.

To select natural beauty products review the following cautiously


Most products are labeled green and Eco-friendly, but this doesn’t mean it is healthy for the skin. Be specific about the use of natural products which are good for skin. Don’t be mislead by distracting statements.


Most manufacturers use synthetic preservatives in natural products for their benefits, but there are natural preservative that can be used. So, avoid the products with synthetic preservatives.

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