Friday, October 11, 2013

After Derma Rolling, Stretch Marks will be a History

Are you troubled with wrinkled skin and stretch marks? Would you poke your skin with tiny holes to eliminate the annoying stretch marks, if you knew it could be effective? Thousands of people around the world are doing it, and with your own derma roller, you have an option too.

Derma roller is basically a wheel with 192 micro needles attached to a handle. Using it involves, running the needles over the damaged skin. No matter how much you want to get rid of the stretch marks and wrinkles, derma rolling the skin can seem intimidating. But when you see the scars and stretch marks disappear with the use of derma roller, you’ll never look back at anything else.

The microscopic holes (not really visible to human eye) that derma roller creates on the skin cause the skin to work harder in repairing itself. Derma rolling allows the skin to generate new cells to fill up the damaged skin by rolling. 

The body really pushes up fresh skin to replace damaged cells in stretch marks to fill the gaps left by wrinkles. Derma rolling also creates holes which can be beneficial for skin care products to reach deep into the skin that heal it from within.

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