Monday, October 21, 2013

Thick Eyebrows out, Heavy and Well Sculpted Eyebrows take the Lead

Eyebrows are not trivial or incidental. They matter and so keeping them groomed is a must. What’s more is that once again its, the darker, fuller and thicker brows that are back in fashion.

Make-up artists, the world over, are once again happier to have the thicker and darker eyebrows back. They like eyebrows that are heavier and precisely sculpted. The reasons behind this new development are many, and here they are:

Thick and heavy eyebrows signify youth and vitality
The big deal about having heavier and thicker eyebrows is that they signify youth. As we grow old, our lashes and brows tend to become thinner, lose their color, which makes the face look dull and old. 

Eyebrows make the eyes more expressive
Because eyebrows are the most prominent contrast element on the face, they are useful in telegraphing one’s thoughts and feelings. They provide the required punctuation to the face.

Eyebrows help in effective communication
Ever noticed hoe your eyebrows move when you talk? Raising, furrowing and shifting them all indicates a new expression and image if you eyebrows are thin lined – will they leave behind the same impact?

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