Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beauty Tips for post Halloween Detox

Halloween celebrations can be devastating for the skin. Here are useful tips to detoxify the skin post Halloween:

Say goodbye to sugar and carbs
High glycemic diet and acne are closely linked to each other. Discontinue eating sweets and carb food as soon as Halloween is over, and instead sip on some detoxifying tea and fresh fruits and vegetables.
Get good sleep
Spending sleepless nights also bears heavy on our skin. As soon as the festive celebrations are over, give rest to your eyes as well your skin. 
Steam clean the face
For a thorough clean-up of the skin, steam clean it with some aromatic lavender oil (or any other oil of your choice). This will open up the pores and help better absorption of skin care products you apply.
Pumpkin Mask
Mix pumpkin puree with some honey and apply it liberally over the face. Its active fruit enzymes will eat away all dead skin, and replenish it with essential vitamins. The skin will instantly become smoother and brighter.

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