Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tina Turnbow - The Journey to Successful Makeup Artist

A truly talented make-up artist is one that knows how to make the best use of a person’s face
Tina Turnbow
and enhance their features to look the best. Undoubtedly this is the mantra of the celebrated make-up artist Tina Turnbow, who has worked with celebs like Natalie Portman, Marcia Cross, Julianne More and many others.
Brought up as the daughter of hair stylist, young Tina wanted to be a model, and eventually turned out to be a make-up artist.
Given below are specs of her successful Journey:

Meet Tina Turnbow 

Early years and training
Born to a hairdresser and salon aesthetician who worked on the shores of Lake Michigan, Tina developed an instinct and affection for beauty from an early age. She spent years in sketching friends and family and landed at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. There she grew closer to painting and drawing.

At the age of 24 Tina she finally moved onto cosmetics and assisted legends such as Pat Mcgrath, Lucia Pieroni, and Jeanine Lobell. Working with these artists, she learnt much about the features of the women and how they could become her strengths through the perfection of the nose, the lips and the eyes.

Her rise to stardom
By working on live projects with experts in the industry and combining it with her own instinct talent, Tina Turnbow gained the much needed experience to develop versatile styles in make-up artistry.  Today she’s more than just a make-up artist. 

She’s a painter, a blogger, writer, fabric designer and of course best at make-up. She writes blogs for the New York Times. She has worked with the best photographers and designers in the business to gain the repute she has earned to this day.

Tina’s special concern for the environment
For Tina her make-up has to come from environmentally friendly ingredients only. As a professional and a mother, she believes that the best way to propagate the use of eco-friendly is by first adopting it yourself. Also, she has an immense interest in women’s health and supports the use of eco-friendly cosmetics for the skin

Tina’s present life
Tina is more vigor than ever before, Tina today works with for her passion for films and fashion and devotes maximum time in creating runway looks and tends to A-listers such as Claire Danes, Jessica Szohr, Ivanka, Amanda Peet, Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen and the list is long.
She’s collaborated with celebrated fashion photographers – some of these important names include Arthus Algort, aymond Meier, and Gilles Bensimon.

Some Insider facts about Tina’s life

  • For years she kept all her make-up in a wicker chest. Now of course she’s replaces it with a CB2.
  • She’s particular about most things, and even her minimalistic necklace collection.
  • Blue is one of her colors in make-up and otherwise. The walls of her house are colored in Bermuda blue and other shades of blue.
  • She’s inspired by classic beauty the most, and often reiterates that women who’ve looked great have actually felt greater.

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