Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top 5 Foods for Beautiful Skin

Let’s find out how some super-foods rich in nutrients can heal your skin and enhance its complexion in a natural way:
1. Sweet potatoes – These are not to be eaten on just Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes can supply you chunks of beta carotene, a very powerful antioxidant that helps reduce aging signs. 

     2. Whole grains – Nearly all whole grains are rich in B vitamins & rutin. If you’ve been experiencing sky and dull skin, eating whole grains more often is a good idea. Cook whole grains directly or try some other ideas such as delicious pancakes (made from buck wheat).

     3. Fatty Fish – Fatty fish (sardines or salmon, for example) is a must-have in your diet in case it’s cellulite you’re trying to get rid of. 

     4. Blueberries – When it comes to antioxidants, blueberries outsmart every vegetable or fruit out there you could possibly buy in your locality.

     5. Tomatoes – These are rich I n antioxidants that help control anti-aging signs. Antioxidant absorption by the body is higher if tomatoes are consumed in a processed form; strange but true.

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