Monday, November 4, 2013

5 Common Mistakes You Make When Washing Your Face

Read along the top 5 mistakes that you can make while washing your face.

Select the Right Cleanser: You need to understand your skin type and pick a cleanser that helps in maintaining a perfect pH balance. Avoid soap as it promotes dryness.

Make sure your hands are clean: It is very important that you wash your hands before washing your face. Washing you face with dirty hands can do more harm than not washing your face at all.

Do Not Over Exfoliate: It’s great if you are exfoliating your skin twice a week. It is however important that you deal with your skin gently. Make sure you never over exfoliate you skin as it can damage your skin cells severely.

Get rid of the Cleanser Completely: After you finish washing your face make sure that all the cleanser has been completely rinsed off from your face as any left out residue can lead to dryness.

Wash your Washcloth: Make sure you wash your washcloth after every single use, or use a new washcloth every time you wash your face. Using the same washcloth without washing can redeposit grime and dirt back on your face.

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