Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Celebrities Describe Their Diet in 5 Words or Less

It’s no doubt that just like any of us even our celebs love to eat. They all have their share of preferences and choices, but have you ever imagined that if asked to describe their diet, what would their responses be? So, here’s a quick look of some of our favourite celebrates describing their diet in not more than 5 words!
Lea Michele: "I eat to feel good."
Zooey Deschanel: "Fresh vegetables, fruit, lean proteins."
Hayden Panettiere: "Horrible! Bread, pasta, and Italian."
LaLa Anthony: "Inconsistent. Lots of chocolate. Smoothies."
Mindy Kaling: "Licorice and vodka sodas."
Katharine McPherson: "I eat every few hours."
Casey Wilson: "Doing the best I can."
Rachel Dratch: "Healthy, but with some indulgences."
Kim Raver: "Moderation. Dark chocolate. High protein."
Tyra Banks: "Fried-mean or green-clean!"
This is how these celebrates describe their diet. How would you describe your diet in less than 5 words? Go ahead and try it out!

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