Friday, December 13, 2013

Grow Longer Eyelashes naturally - It’s Possible!

The health and length of your eye lashes is mostly related to your genes. There are a bunch of easy methods to make them grow naturally. Follow the golden rule of removing your make up before going to bed, to enable your eyes to rest and revive during the night. Here is a list of very easy methods on how to get longer eyelashes naturally.

Make up removal
Try not to use mascara that is waterproof, as it dries up the lashes. Removal is a big struggle and invariable causes breakage. Also give your eyelashes a break from products once in a while and let them breathe naturally.
2. Petroleum (or non) Jelly
This is by far the most trusted method that been used by women for decades. Just apply jelly on your eyes using a clean mascara wand every night before going to bed. Wash it off in the morning and try repeating it at least thrice a week.
3. Olive oil
Dabbing a little olive oil at the base of the lashes will stimulate growth. In a month or so new growth should be visible. It also acts as a conditioner for the eyelashes. Add a few drops onto a cotton blob and swipe it over the lashes gently before sleeping.
4. Vitamin E
Taking Vitamin E supplements will always give faster results. Make sure you have one daily. Lotions enriched with Vitamin E will also help the lashes to grow to maximum length.

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