Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fat Free and Sugar Free Healthy Snacks for a Smarter You

With so many snack options available to us, it becomes difficult to choose snacks that are healthy. Healthy snacks are those that are low on both calories as well as sugar content. Some of these snacks are:

Green tea

Green tea is a healthy beverage, loaded with anti-oxidants and is a good supplement for coffee and regular tea. Drink it without milk and sugar and this almost calorie fee drink will help improve your digestion and also curb frequent hunger pangs.

Protein bars

For those who get their instant energy from chocolates, it’s time to switch to protein bars. These bars are low on calories and keep you full for longer.

Crispy veggies

Replace your fried crackers with crispy veggies that have been baked and not fried. Eat them with vegetable dips without sugar and enjoy the wholesomeness of vitamin and minerals.

Low fat yoghurt with fruits

Low fat yoghurt with fresh fruits is a healthy replacement to frozen flavored yoghurt with processed fruits. Take a bowl full of this yoghurt and add your favourite fruit to it.

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