Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Do a Rihanna-inspired Makeup Look

Whoever including beauty experts has seen Rihanna’s current look agrees that this one’s the hottest beauty look of the year! Everybody is just trying to get that look.
Luckily, there are some easy ways to get that Rihanna-inspired makeup look:
Add Primer to Your Concealer
Mixing a bit of a quality primer with your regular concealer will give your skin complete coverage without having to hide flaws with heavy layers of traditional concealers. The primer will fully moisturize your skin and cure unevenness. Also, it will help the concealer stick for a long time and save your time. 

Thick Mascara for Long-term Curls
To give your eyelashes the most natural bend, press your curler at the base of the lashes. Give gentle and regular strokes from the roots toward the top. This will help separate lashes from each other. As a final touch, apply a heavy coat of mascara so that your eyelashes stay in place longer. 

Brows Deserve Due Attention
Eyebrows always take backseat in most normal makeup regimes, but this time you’ve got to make it different. When done smartly and given a sharp look, brows look natural and reflect your confidence. Fill your eyebrows with a quality soft pencil and stroke in the direction of the tail.

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